About Me

I am a Systems Administrator who has over 5 years of experience. I’ve worked in various industries and currently working in the education sector. I love to learn and work on projects either at work or at home (such as this website). I  am also a casual coder as well, someone who has developed applications in the past and getting back into coding as I ramp up this website. This website is an example of getting my feet wet and developing and managing websites. I have some scripting experience and will improve my scripts as I work on them on this site.

Learning is an essential part of working in the Information Technology sector and sharing that knowledge is just as important. I am always on the lookout for new and exciting technology to use and learn about in my daily life. I love to tinker around with various gadgets and other devices, from dismantling my Lenovo Thinkpad T430s to setting up a full test lab with VMWare ESXi, it has been a passionate hobby and interest of mine for years.

About Infinite Technica

Infinite Technica was created as a way to share everyday insights that I’ve learned while at work, home, or just helping others. My goal for this site is to make it easy to search for the answer to the obscure errors or problems that we as IT Professionals see on a daily basis. I tend to think of this website as a personal wiki that is shared among others. It may also contain reviews in the future, but for now, I’m trying to keep it simple!

Thank you for visiting the website, I look forward to producing content for years to come!

Also… obligatory cat picture, because.. internets.